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Having been an angler for over 20 years, I have experienced fishing at all levels, from beginner to expert. This experience has not only taught me many tips and tricks it has also taught me how to pass them on to others in order to make them better anglers. Don’t just take my word for it!

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Wednessday 10th Feb 2016

This session caters for all levels of ability and is designed to clear up some of the myths and mystery sometimes associated with bloodworm and joker fishing.

The cost will be £50 per person, so with limited numbers, don't miss your chance to learn from an England International, fill out a form below and book your place to avoid disappointment.




I had a coaching session with Lee on my local water, Messingham Sands. Lee explained how the day was going to pan out then suggested walk around the venue to look at the pegs and give me an insight into how he would tackle some of the pegs. This was  a real eye opener for me and well worth doing.

I thought I could fish the pellet waggler reasonably well but when Lee explained all about the feeding and the reaction from the fish and how to respond I knew that from just this part of the day my catch rate would increase. Watching Lee play carp was also an eye opener, he gets then into the net so much quicker than I do. 

We also covered margin fishing, catching silver fish and how to prepare pellets for the method feeder, every question was answered with honesty and always with lots of information.  If he wanted you to change anything Lee always explained why there was a need to change. The changes we made seemed so simple that I was often thinking to myself ‘why didn’t I think of that’ I suppose that’s what sets the really good angler apart from the rest.

When we finished there was over 100lb of fish landed between us and I have to say the day was worth every penny.  I would highly recommend a coaching session with Lee and I cannot wait to book another.

The next match I fished I came 5th from a peg that I really should have come last from all thanks to the things I learned.

Andy Hickling


After seeing an advert in Match Fishing Magazine, 3 of my fellow un-educated anglers and myself had a coaching day with Lee at Lindholme Lakes. After discussing with him what we were looking to achieve from the day we then went and set our gear up. Lee sat down and explained to us things to change within our setup to help us catch more frequently, eg, hook types, elastics, float shotting patterns and more importantly how to get the best from our pegs. The little things that he showed us were brilliant and these hints and tips really made sense once we put them into practice. The demonstration Lee gave was a real eye opener on how an England International goes about his business on the bank.

The day was fantastic and we all agreed at the end that we had all learnt a lot within the 6 hours we had spent with him. I would recommend these coaching days to anyone who is interested in fine tuning their angling skills no matter what level you are at.

 Lee is a top lad and we will definitely be booking with him again.

Cheers Lee.

Matt Snape. Peterborough 


After seeing Lee Kerry on an angling evening, the way this young man presents himself and explains angling in an easy and understandable. We arranged a coaching day at Lindholme Fishery. Lee spent the first half hour explaining how the day would go and then he fished and the way this young man catches is unbelievable.

Lee looks at the way you approach your angling and he soon picks out any faults and soon rectifies them. He is a first class coach, angler and all round nice guy. Book a day with Lee and you will not be disappointed.  He is also very good speaker and does a fantastic angling evening for any match secretaries out there.

Tony Burman, Cleethorpe

I would strongly recommend anyone looking to improve their skills to book a coaching day with Lee, I booked a day for myself and my son (Sam aged 10) at Lindholme, I have been fishing for well over 30 years and learnt more in 6 hour’s than in the last 5 years. In our sport it seems coaching is just beginning to become established and can thoroughly recommend booking a day with Lee, it’s the small things that can make all the difference and Lee was on hand to ensure we were both on the right path, Sam elected to fish the pole and after we had covered swim selection, rigs, groundbait’s etc etc he started to fish and been able to pick the brains of an England International was invaluable

With a solid start it was then, the decision making of what was going on, and how to make the most of it, Sam was totally absorbed and has since become a far more proficient angler, he is able to fish on his own and make informed changes as the day progresses, his catch rate has soared and he is enjoying his fishing more than ever.

After a couple of hours we left Sam bagging up on the next peg, and it was my turn with the feeder, again rig’s groundbait’s etc etc were thoroughly discussed and we started as I would at the beginning of a match, this was a real eye opener, I have always enjoyed my feeder fishing and thought I was pretty good at it but improved greatly during the day, again decision making, watercraft and casting accuracy and how to achieve it were some of the things we worked on, it’s ok knowing you need to be bang on every time, but having someone show you were you are going wrong and how to put it right was priceless.

We stayed on well after 5 o’clock, we planned to be done by 3, and were joined by the wife and Sam’s little brother Joe aged 6 who both also had a go and continued to catch. To summarise we all had a fantastic day, learnt so much and in a way that has improved every trip since then, caught loads and spent the day with a great guy and one of the true ambassadors of the sport. If you are thinking of booking a day, go for it and have a day that will last with you forever.

Rick Smith

I was aged 10 when both my Dad and me had a coaching day with Lee Kerry. I used to go fishing and my Dad had to set everything up for me but Lee showed me how to make easy and simple rigs which would guarantee that I would catch fish. I have changed my fishing from just fun to getting ready to enter my first match and I could not have done this without Lee’s help. My little brother aged 6 came along for the last hour and he learnt so much too. Lee had so much patience with us and made the day very interesting and so enjoyable. I can’t wait for my next coaching day with Lee to learn even more skills.

Sam Smith


My first day with Lee was a real eye opener. Little tips and trick made such a big difference and helped me win my first match. I have been on many sessions with Lee since and every time I come away really thinking about my fishing. A worthy investment.

Clive Bates, Derby

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