Lee Kerry Angling

Hi and welcome to Lee Kerry Angling.

For over a decade I have competed at the highest level of match fishing in the UK. Throughout that time I have learnt many things, so before I start to forget them I decided to create a place to pass them on and help you catch more fish!

Not only that, I wanted to keep you right up to date with all the latest methods and techniques I’ve been using, as well as getting inside the mind of some of the country’s other top anglers. I hope you enjoy the site.


Lee’s Match Diary

This site will now be the only place you can now keep up to date with my latest match diary.  In depth analysis and results from performances on the UK match circuit including lessons learnt, decisions made and the thought process behind big matches.

Professional Coaching

Want a coaching day with an England International?  The little things really make the top anglers stand above the rest, and having passed on many tips through various coaching schemes, I am now offering one to one and group coaching sessions in order to help you become a better angler.

Hot Topics

There is always something to talk about and discuss in Match Fishing, and you can catch up with all my latest opinions and those of Britain’s other top angler’s right here!


Question Time

I get regular questions on Facebook/Twitter and on the bank, but users of this site will now come first, so get your angling questions into me and I will endeavour to solve them ASAP!

Tackle Reviews

Working with Preston Innovations I am privileged to have access to some of the best fishing tackle in the world.  Here on the site I will bring you my video reviews of both the latest and established tackle Preston Innovations have to offer so you can be sure the products you’re buying are right for you.

A Little help from my friends

Short, simple, and current date tips from some of the country’s best anglers.  Little things make the difference!


Bait Box

Feed and hook baits are a crucial part of a anglers day, here we will have up to date news on what baits to use right now, and more importantly how to get the best out of them!

Magazine features

All my latest magazine features will also be right here!

The best sites

I love viewing the best angling website, here you can find links to all my favourite sites that help me with my tackle and results!